The Spitzer Graben – for Winetravelers

In the Spitzer Graben, you are in the western-most and highest part of the Wachau wine-growing region, which also serves as a connection from the Danube to the Waldviertel-region.

For years, "the Graben" in winemaking was considered underdeveloped. In recent years, however, the image has changed due to the tireless work and innovation of some wineries. Meanwhile, some of the best wines of the Wachau region originate from the Spitzer Graben, as the changing climatic conditions also contribute to the success of the "Graben winemakers". While white wines down nearby the Danube are already experiencing some heat issues, here the cool winds descending from the high plateau of the Waldviertel and the Jauerling mountain create a microclimate that is both exciting and challenging for viticulture.

Our Partners & Friends in the Spitzer Graben

We do not provide recommendations for Heurigen, as it depends on which establishment is currently open during your stay. Please refer to the Spitzer Heurigenkalender for more information.