Go where the Grapes Grow.

Three apartments in the Wachau region. Located in the Spitzer Graben, a side valley in the wine-growing region and World Cultural Heritage Site. Ideally situated and equipped with great attention to detail. Suitable for both tranquility-seeking pleasure-seekers and restless active-travelers.

Two times Two plus Four

Differently sized, accommodating a total of eight guests. Our comfortable apartments are named after three of the top vineyards in the Spitzer Graben: Bruck, Trenning, and Schön. Each offers expansive views and has its own charm.

Top Location for Wine Travelers

For those with a penchant for excellent wines, who love the accompanying landscape, and enjoy visiting one or two wineries, they will find their happiness at Riedenblick.

It's only four kilometers or six minutes by car from Vießling to Spitz. Krems and Melk can be reached in under half an hour. However, only few manage to do it in that time because wine villages or views constantly tempt them into unplanned stops. Others, on the other hand, don't even set out because Riedenblick is so wonderfully relaxing.

The Spitzer Graben

The highest part of the Wachau wine-growing region. An eternal challenge for winemakers. A constant temptation for lovers of the Wachau.

Leaving the Danube behind in Spitz, heading upwards towards the Waldviertel, through Laaben and Vießling, passing Elsarn am Jauerling until Mühldorf. Some directions generate images and feelings. A longing for small villages, terraced mountains for viticulture, leisurely winding roads, and wineries deeply rooted in the region over generations arises. It doesn't matter whether one has only read about panoramic trails, steep vineyards, poppies and feather grass, gentle streams, orchards, and scattered winemaker's cottages, or whether one already knows this part of the Wachau.

One wants to go there, exactly there, to the Spitzer Graben, to the six-kilometer-long side valley to the Danube, because here the sweetness is not overdone and everything is as natural as wine travelers, seekers of tranquility, hiking enthusiasts, cyclists unafraid of challenging climbs, and seasoned Wachau fans wish. Fact is, the Spitzer Graben is one of the most exciting terroirs in the country because of its inland climate, soils, and slopes. Another fact is, a different Wachau begins beyond Spitz.

Two of a Kind

Staying to stay. The path to get there was anything but predetermined for them. However, when they ended up here, it was immediately clear: This is the right spot for the heart.

Road cycling and wine culture – these shared passions were decisive, and Vießling seemed like the ideal place to spend weekends gazing at the vineyards with legs up or pedaling through the countryside attracted by the landscape. However, the sole stone house had to be renovated from the ground up and adapted to their own preferences. It was as laborious and fulfilling as it sounds.

Staying to come back. From one house emerge twins. A newly interpreted reflection as an exclusive apartment house for guests.

When two have a faible for design and architecture, want to flatter the local landscape, and swear by local craftsmanship, then in the Riedenblick today flirts with yesterday, harmonizing concrete and wood, it is simply cozy, someone has thought the right thoughts about sustainable building, and everything has been solved so elegantly that the two houses stand exactly as the two behind the Riedenblick would like.